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Ekle’ is an Italian brand owned by Manifatture Bellet, which once again manifests its attention to health and respect for the environment by launching a special selection of innovative season-by-season garments as from next fall-winter 2015/16. As a result of working together with Associazione Tessile e Salute – an association that was established to guarantee safety and transparency for consumers with regard to textile products and is today the Italian Ministry of Health’s technical adviser – and NewTex Distretto Tessile Innovazione, Ekle’ is the first Italian brand to offer its customers garments with the Tessile e Salute certificate of non-toxicity and traceability throughout the whole production chain. Ekle’ has included in the FW 2015/16 collection 4 basic garments in viscose in 8 alternative colours with certification by Tessile e Salute guaranteeing health and safety. This important Tessile e Salute certification is on a special smart label created with the help of NewTex Distretto Tessile Innovazione, making Ekle the first in Italy to offer garments whose certification details can be obtained directly by the consumer for each product and for each stage in the production chain. Tessile e Salute monitors all the chemical products used in each production stage and also checks compliance with eco-toxicological standards through laboratory analyses on the finished product. Its certification guarantees that all the substances and materials used in the production processes are in conformity with current Italian laws – some of the most restrictive in the world – and that the knitwear is therefore free of harmful substances. In addition to the Tessile e Salute certification, Ekle’ garments undergo a series of special treatments which give them special characteristics in line with the company’s environment-friendly policy: • WATER-REPELLENT - STAIN-RESISTANT: a special finish ensures that the garment hardly absorbs stains at all. That means they can be washed by hand or in the machine at low temperatures with excellent results plus considerable savings on water, energy and detergents. • ANTI-BACTERIAL - SANITISED: thanks to this special treatment the garment prevents the growth of bacteria also on perspiration, which leads to unpleasant odours. The treatment acts on a wide spectrum of gram+ and gram – bacteria as well as on many micro-fungi. The garment remains perfectly sanitised even after countless washes. • NON-IRON: if the garment is dried flat or hung on a hanger there is no need to iron, with consequent energy saving. • ITALIAN KNOW-HOW: the garment has been designed and made in Italy with true Italian expertise. The smart label allows consumers to check with their smartphone that the product is safe for their health and for the environment, is original and is traceable; information is displayed regarding the origin of the product, its composition, the materials used, the treatments and its harmlessness for health. The Smart Label is exactly what it says; it interacts with all smartphones and tablets. If your device has NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, the information is displayed by simply touching your smartphone to the smart-label. If your device does not have NFC, the same information can be obtained by scanning the QR code on the label with a free Android or iOS app. Apart from obtaining all the information mentioned previously, consumers can also interact directly with Ekle’ to get to know the product better, add it to their wish list, see other Ekle’ items or tell Ekle’ that they have purchased the garment. Ekle’ is currently the first Italian partner of Associazione Tessile e Salute and NewTex Distretto Tessile Innovazione in a project of this scope and is committed to a culture of health and environment friendliness.


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